What's Next?


Depending on the shape of your finished piece, you may need to block the canvas to return it to a true square or rectangle. We recommend dry blocking, as our canvases are small and there will be very little distortion.

The easiest way is to pin the canvas to an ironing board, stretching the canvas back into shape as you pin.  Allow it to sit for at least 24 hours, and repeat until the sides appear to be square again.



Framing is probably the easiest way to finish your work by yourself.  You can pop the finished canvas into a frame from your craft store, or buy a larger frame with a mat.  Using a mat allows you to leave the frame glass in place, which will protect the work.  Without a mat, it may be hard to fit the canvas and the glass back into the frame.  Depending on the mat or the frame, you may lose the outside row of your work.


Soft goods

There are a number of fun ways to use a smaller canvas. Pillows are very traditional choice but it really depends on how you want to display your work.  Unless you are pretty competent with a sewing machine, you may need to have a professional finish a pillow for you. There are several finishing services online, and they offer other ideas - door hangers, coasters, trays, ornaments, etc. You can add your canvas to a tote bag, or inset it into a box. Lots of fun ways to fly your flag and display your hard work!